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Disaster Recovery Services

Whilst most large Corporates have plans in place for a major disaster in their office many small to medium size companies have struggled with both the cost and the complexity of putting such arrangements in place. Therefore we offer our clients a building block approach to disaster recovery, enabling us to provide a more suitable range of methods and levels of investment for the smaller business, and giving the client a clear progression from simple backup to a full blown Business Continuity Plan.

We work closely with the client to tailor a package to their individual requirements; this includes sourcing suitable hardware and / or services to be able to get your business operational again in a timely fashion.


Service Highlights

  • Online and offsite backup
  • Fully Automated
  • No hardware/software investment
  • Reliable – thousands of corporate users
  • Support for MSExchange and MSSQL
  • Tried and tested technology
  • Enterprise level Data protection

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System Requirements

DLL BulkVault Online Backup Client Software Manager

Network Protocol:


Operating System:

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003
Linux Kernel 2.2 or above
Solaris 2.x or above
Mac OS X
Netware 5.1 or above


128MB (minimum), 256MB (recommended)

Disk Space:


Service summary

DataLifeline’s BulkVault is an automated, business class online backup service. There is no need to invest in any hardware, software or infrastructure to operate BulkVault - all that you require is a broadband line.

How does it work?

When scheduled, the small BulkVault software client encrypts and sends your new and changed data to data silos using your existing broadband connection. If you need to recover data, this can be done from either the local backup copy, over the wire from the Data Silos or via a couriered usb drive.

How much can you really protect over a broadband line?

We can only offer example guidance here, but our file reduction technologies, Infile Delta (which only sends changed elements within a file) and compression, allow protection of far greater volumes of Data than you might expect over a typical broadband line - typically under 200GB is not a problem.

Reliable and proven technology

DataLifeline BulkVault Online Backup software is being used by thousands of users worldwide. BulkVault gives you peace of mind because you are using one of the most reliable and popular data protection systems available on the market.

Specialised backup of Exchange

BulkVault offers a mail level backup/restore facility for Microsoft’s Exchange. This means that you can restore a single deleted email without needing to stop your Exchange server.

More reliable and faster backups

BulkVault comes with a flexible backup scheduler, allowing easy implementation of the desired backup policies. Moreover, BulkVault can backup open files, e.g. your Microsoft Outlook mailboxes can still be backed up while they are open. Furthermore, backup of larger files can be completed in much shorter timeframe with BulkVault’s In-File Delta option, which minimizes data transfer by uploading only the modified data blocks.

Flexible to scale

BulkVault Online Backup can scale and adapt seamlessly to the growth of your business.

Small Business

Disaster Recovery with Double-Take® for Small Business Server Edition

One of the challenges to providing real-time protection and failover for Windows Small Business Server Edition is that the server serves many roles - Exchange Server, SQL Database Server, Active Directory domain controller, etc. The Double-Take Full-Server Failover feature uses cutting-edge full-server protection and recovery capabilities to protect and make available all of these roles in the event of a failover. It replicates everything - the OS, applications and data - to another server locally or offsite and can failover services to that server automatically. Double-Take Small Business Server Edition is the only disaster recovery solution for Small Business Server that can provide this level of protection.

Double-Take® from Double-Take Software goes beyond periodic backup to provide continuous data replication, ensure minimal data loss, and enable fast recovery from any disaster or system outage. Double-Take uses patented replication technology that continuously captures byte-level changes as they happen and replicates those changes to a target server at any location, locally or at a recovery site miles away. In the event of a disaster, Double-Take lets you recover from your target server quickly, compared that to the hours or days required to rebuild a server from backup tapes. What's more, host-based Double-Take delivers better protection than many hardware-based solutions, at an affordable price for your small business.