About Microtech

Levels of Support

Every business is different, requiring different hardware and/or software to meet its individual needs. Generally all companies need good quality wired or wireless networking, a server, broadband internet access with a firewall, client computers and a backup solution. Microtech can help to set up such a system from scratch, or improve on existing equipment. We also offer advice on software and hardware to make sure you purchase the right equipment for your requirements.

In order to keep your IT systems running some level of outside support is usually appropriate. Microtech can provide many levels of support on a contract basis, or supply an engineer at an hourly rate. With many small companies unable to employ somebody to look after there computer systems day in and day out, why not let us look after your systems on an Ad-Hoc basis, whilst protecting business critical processes via pre-agreed service contract.

Ad-Hoc Services covered:

  • General updating of the latest drivers and providing bug fixes to ensure the system continues to perform efficiently.
  • Upgrade and new systems advice.
  • Setting up of new users and performing housekeeping routines.
  • Upgrade of most makes of PCs, Workstations, Servers, and Laptops.
  • Hardware and Software maintenance.
  • Fault finding and repair, both on-site and remotely, for most makes of PCs, Workstations, Servers, Laptops and Peripherals.
  • Installation and set-up of Computers, Software and Peripherals, including Servers and complete Networks.
  • Implementation of Virtual Private Network (VPN) functionality, enabling remote access LAN and WAN Networks using Broadband or GPMS. A particularly useful facility for satellite offices, or staff who need to access data when away from the office.

Service Contract Provisions:

Various types of Service Level Agreements are available, with each contract tailored to individual clients. Service provision may include the supply of hardware and/or software.
  • First line telephone, dial up and on- site support for problem solving.
  • Preparation and maintenance of a systems file.
  • Remote analysis of problems and their resolution. Many problems can be resolved without the need for a site visit.
  • Site visits, either scheduled or by invitation, to undertake tasks such as preventative maintenance, software upgrade, hardware upgrade, and general liaison activities with the client and system users.
  • System extension and enhancement.
  • Spares finding service, possibly enabling repair of obsolete equipment.
  • Security aspects.
  • Managed Support.

Business Critical Systems:

Microtech is able to provide a high level of support for business critical systems and/or equipment. The level of support and the response to problems will be tailored to suit your requirements, taking account of the nature of the equipment involved, its applications, and costs.

  • Design, supply and upgrade of network systems to provide adequate redundancy for critical components.
  • Remote System Monitoring, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for critical File Servers and other items.
  • Fast response site visits for the solution of critical problems.
  • Site visits within an agreed timeframe for the resolution of non-critical problems.

Ancillary Services:

  • Analysis of system operation, efficiency, and reliability.
  • Assessment of security measures, and provision of enhancements to security systems.
  • Hardware/software audits.
  • Help-desk for Clients.


Good security is imperative to prevent data theft or virus corruption interfering with the smooth operation of your systems. New threats need to be identified quickly, and appropriate countermeasures implemented. Microtech can help with:
  • Security afforded by physical design of Network Infrastructure.
  • Access Security via Procedures, Firewalls and Protective Software.
  • Camera-based systems for intruder detection and notification.

Office Relocation Service:

We also manage the IT requirements of your office relocations, which can include:
  • Installation of data, voice and power cabling.
  • ISP liaisons – to enable internet access into your new location and the appropriate lead times are met.
  • Decommission and removal of IT and other equipment from current premises.
  • Reinstallation of IT and other equipment at your new premises, including any necessary reconfiguration work.
  • Installation of all new IT equipment etc.
  • Telephone Integration