About Microtech

In the modern commercial world, maintaining your lead over the competition means having access to the very latest information available, and making information available to your clients. The Internet gives access to a huge range of constantly updated information and services.
At Microtech we offer a number of services which can enable your business to make the most of this incredible resource.

Microtech Internet Services:

Web Site Authoring
map1.jpgThe World Wide Web is the most widely used Internet service, and is the fastest growing of any information source. Publishing on the Web means giving your company a global presence, and being able to supply information to your potential customer base using text, graphics, video and sound. With conventional media such as magazines, there is a considerable lead time between the submission of material and the publication date. This means that by the time it reaches your clients and potential customers, information could be misleading and price lists out of date. Electronic publishing on the Internet means any material you place on your Web site is instantly available world-wide, so you can provide up-to-the-minute information.
Microtech provides a complete Web site authoring service. Our programmers are skilled in page layout and graphic design as well as HTML. So whatever your business, whether you are advertising or providing an information service, we can guarantee you a good-looking and speedy Web site enabling you to get information to your current customer base, and reach a global audience of potential clients.