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Kingston Communications Service Information

Karoo Business Support: 08451 200063

Karoo Residential Support: 01482 606101

Telephone Numbers:

Karoo Broadband: 150
Karoo AnyTime: 08440 464000
Karoo HomeTime: 08440 464100
Karoo FreeTime: 08440 464200
Karoo Pay As You Go: 08440 969696
Karoo Standard: 0845 3210000
Karoo Outside Hull: 0845 1281514

DNS Servers:

(secondary usually more reliable!)
Alternate servers without redirect:

Your username/login name:

This will have been given to you when you signed up for your broadband or dialup account.

For Max, Lite, Mid or Pro customers this will be: username@karoo
For BB500, 1000, 2000 and 3000 customers this will just be: username
For Dial up customers this will just be: username

Your password:

This will be also be given when you sign up for your account. It is usually 16 characters long unless you have specified otherwise. This is also the password for your email account.

Email account name:

Your NNTP server:
It does not require you to login.

Mail Servers:

Proxy Server:, Port=8080

Broadband Settings:

Encapsulation=RFC2364 PPPoATM
Multiplexing=LLC or VC

FTP webspace settings:

Username: Your Karoo internet username (without @karoo)
Password: Your Karoo internet password

Default router login details:

Router IP Address Username Password
3Com - -
Belkin admin -
Billion admin admin
BT Voyager admin admin
D-Link admin admin
Dynamode Admin Admin
Edimax admin epicrouter
Etec Admin Admin
Linksys admin admin
Netgear admin password
Philips - -
Safecom admin epicrouter
Sitecom admin password
Solwise admin admin
Speedtouch Administrator -
U.S. Robotics admin admin
Vigor (Draytek) - -
Westel User defined User defined
Zoom admin zoomadsl
ZyXel admin 1234