About Microtech

Computer Systems

Microtech can design and manufacture an extensive range of computers to suit most needs, using top-quality, high-performance, reliable components sourced from well-known makers. The company also provides an on-site installation and set-up service where required. All systems have a 12 month return-to-base warranty, but this can be increased if required.

Personal Computers and Workstations

Microtech designs and manufactures a wide range of personal computers and workstations, ranging from entry-level to very powerful systems capable of real time 3D rendering and graphics. We take full account of stated client needs, and configure systems to match, using the latest proven technology.

  • Computer systems configured and manufactured to suit client needs.
  • Extreme systems available, for gaming enthusiasts, and others, with fastest possible processors and graphics.
  • Various equipment case footprints available, including Desk-top, Tower, or small form factor.
  • Delivery and set-up service available.
  • Fault finding and repair, both on-site and remotely.
  • All systems have 12 months return-to-base Warranty; this can be upgraded, if required.

Special Purpose Computers

Microtech also designs and manufactures computer systems that are tailor-made for specialist applications. Such systems are of particular interest to Scientists and Engineers, who may have specific performance, compatibility, operational or environmental requirements.

  • System design incorporates specified Motherboards, Processors, Memory, Hard Drives, Graphics Cards, and other components, taking account of Operating System and Applications software, so that the configuration is fully compatible with the requirement, and provides the best levels of performance and reliability.
  • Various types of equipment cases available to suit requirements, including desk-top, Tower, rack-mount, small form factor and mini-tower.
  • All systems are tested and quality checked before shipping.
  • Fast response to requirements with tight timescales from design staff with experience in specifying equipment configurations that are compatible with very specific user requirements.


Microtech designs and manufactures servers to suit all requirements. We also provide a comprehensive installation and set-up service. Performance, reliability, data integrity, mean-time-to-repair, and value-for-money are the major factors influencing the configuration of Microtech Small Business Servers.

  • Most server systems are based on Intel Xeon Processors and Intel Motherboards.
  • Server cases include tower, floor-standing and 19" rack-mount, Blades available by special order.
  • Servers may incorporate redundant and hot-swop components, thus enhancing reliability, data integrity, and mean-time-to-repair.
  • Compatible storage and backup solutions available.


We also service, repair and upgrade Mac Workstations and Laptops

  • Hard drive upgrade
  • Memory (RAM) upgrade
  • Operating System upgrade
  • Operating System re-install
  • Operating System trouble shooting / Diagnostics
  • Faulty Hard Disc Drive replacement
  • Data recovery
  • Full system clean up service


We can source laptops from all the major manufacturers ranges to order, including Acer, HP, Sony, Lenovo and Apple.


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